Why March Madness?

I believe Duke basketball head coach, Coach Krzyzewski, said it best, “For one month, college basketball unites the whole country.” This statement is completely accurate. No matter what team you’re routing for or not routing for, March Madness is alway a topic of discussion. It is THE topic to discuss. College basketball has been the […]

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March Sadness

Selection Sunday occurred this past Sunday March 13th and it brought much sadness and confusion to many people (myself included). One thing I was confused about was how long the show was on CBS. The selection show does NOT need to be two hours long, at all, but I digress. The number 1 seeds are the […]

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Run Fast and Turn Left

It wouldn’t be me if I did not start to mention the sport I love the most, TRACK & FIELD. To some it’s uninteresting and I do admit, the longer races are a little boring to watch, but trust me, it is worth it. Last week the Millrose Games happened and for all who don’t know […]

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Goodbye to 24

Earlier in the year, Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard, Kobe Bryant, announced that this season in the NBA would be his last. Wearing the number 24 jersey, Bryant also known as the Black Mamba, brought much skill to the game and is known as one of the best. Over a 20 year career span he […]

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