Sibling Athletes

During the National Championship game, two brothers were playing against each other. Not too many people know that.

Photo courtesy of CNN

Kris Jenkins of the Villanova Wildcats and Nate Britt of UNC are brothers. When Jenkins was young, his mother made the ultimate decision. She gave her son to the Britt family to be adopted because she knew she could not provide him with the life he deserved. Now, he’s a National Champion.

That story made me want to share some of the other siblings in the sports world you may or may not know about.

Photo courtesy of NBA/ NBC Sports

Reggie & Cheryl Miller: Retired professional basketball players with one gold medal each under their belt.


Jim and John Harbaugh: First head coaches in the NFL to be brothers. Together have seen seven playoff berths and two SuperBowl appearances.


Eli and Peyton Manning: Together have seen four SuperBowl titles, five SuperBowl appearances, and five NFL MVP awards.


Serena and Venus Williams: Together have 28 Grand Slam singles titles, 13 Grand Slam doubles titles, and four Grand Slam mixed doubles titles.


Stephen and Seth Curry: NBA players. Stephen Curry is the star point guard for the Golden State Warriors and Seth Curry is a point guard for the Sacramento Kings.

Happy National Sibling Day!

Feature image courtesy of Vertical Response




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