Much After the Game: Men’s National Championship

UNC began the game with a three- pointer and Villanova ended it with a three. Monday night’s Nation Championship game was one for the record books. Everyone knew it was going to be an amazing game, but never knew just how amazing.

The University of North Carolina Tarheels #1 were on fire the first half, draining three after three. The Villanova Wildcats #2  were never far behind, never trailing by more than eight points. This was not something these teams were used to because during the tournament, they would blow out the competition.

I am not saying that the whole game wasn’t enjoyable, because it was. It is just that the last NINE seconds were the best, the absolute best. These moments will be remembered forever, one moment more than the other, but still remembered.

Here is Marcus Paige’s AMAZING three pointer to tie the game with a little less than 11 seconds left:

One of the greatest shots in NCAA tournament history. Unfortunately, it will not be remembered for all of its glory. Why you ask? Look below:

KRIS JENKINS. With little less than FOUR seconds left Villanova point guard, Ryan Arcidiacono, passed the ball to Kris Jenkins and he banged the three as the buzzer sound. CRAZY, CRAZY ENDING! This game will definitely go down in history. The Villanova Wildcats won their second ever NCAA Championship with a score of 77- 74.

Feature image courtesy of JR Sport Brief


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