Broken Brackets- Women’s Tournament

If you’re bracket is still intact, you have some divine power working in your favor. March Madness on both the men’s and women’s side has been unpredictable and crazy.

Like stated before, Michigan State was out in the first round and Syracuse is still flourishing. Syracuse is not only flourishing on the men’s side, but on the women’s side as well. They are both playing in Final Four games, Syracuse women, for the first time.

A few more surprises on the women’s side are that Baylor, South Carolina, and Notre Dame are out of the tournament, and they are all #1 seeds. Baylor beat #16 Idaho in the first round, 89- 59, #9 Auburn in the second round, 84- 52, #5 Florida State, 78- 58, but lost to #2 Oregon State in the quarterfinals. The final and close score for that game was 60- 57.

South Carolina, in my opinion, was the biggest shocker. I had them at lest going to the championship game. It is questionable on whether or not I saw them winning, but I definitely saw them going to the championship. In the round of 64, they beat #16 Jacksonville, 77- 41. In the second round, they played #9 Kansas St. and won 73- 47. However, in the Sweet Sixteen, they lost a shocker to #4 Syracuse 80- 72.

Last, but not least Notre Dame. They also lost to a #4 team in the Sweet Sixteen, but like everyone else began their journey in the round of 64. They played and defeated #16 North Carolina A&T, 95- 61. They went on and defeated #9 Indiana, 87- 70 in the second round. However, in the Sweet Sixteen, they lost to #4 Stanford, 90- 84.

Nothing, but surprises during the NCAA Tournament and there might be another one tonight. The Women’s Final Four games start at 6PM on ESPN then move to ESPN2. The only number one team still standing, UConn, will go against first timer #2 Oregon State at 6PM on ESPN. Then on ESPN2, two first timers will be going head to head.  Number four Syracuse will be going against #7 Washington at 8:30PM. Tune in to see how this crazy tournament continues to play out.

Feature image courtesy of ABC 11


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