Why March Madness?

I believe Duke basketball head coach, Coach Krzyzewski, said it best, “For one month, college basketball unites the whole country.” This statement is completely accurate. No matter what team you’re routing for or not routing for, March Madness is alway a topic of discussion. It is THE topic to discuss.

College basketball has been the topic of discussion for some time now. When college basketball first started, football was reaching its climate. College football was in its bowl games and the NFL was entering post season gearing up for the Super Bowl. Not too many people were actually paying attention to the games.

However, when attention did shift it was realized that the only thing predictable about this season is how unpredictable it is. The tournament has been a true testament to that statement from the very beginning.  No one knew what was going to come from Selection Sunday. After the bracket was leaked everyone knew what was going to come, but prior to that no one knew.

Now, it’s the Elite 8 and things are heating up even more. The head coach I first mentioned, Coach K, of Duke Basketball, that team is out. So are many other teams that I will get into in another blog post.

When it comes to March Madness, there is no do over. Lose one game and get sent home packing. It’s sad to watch because of how distraught the players are, but at the same time very interesting. The championship game is nothing like the NBA championship game where there is a “best out of”. The NCAA is one and done. You lose that one game and you are officially the second best. It’s not your average, it might be a little better.

Feature image courtesy of Wayne PAL 


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