The Art of Javelin

This weekend March 25- 26, Monmouth University hosted their 21t annual season opener and She. Sports was there during all of the action. She. Sports spent a majority of the time with javelin and learned a few things about the sport.

In New Jersey, it is illegal for high schoolers to throw their javelin without a rubber grip at the bottom. In college, the rubber grip is not necessary and the athlete  can throw their jav with the metal point. The rubber grip is needed in high school because javelin is a dangerous sport. Yesterday, one of the officials said, “It was originally for mayhem, so be careful out here. Always keep your eyes on the javelin to make sure it doesn’t strike you”.

She. Sports was able to see both women and men throw. There were short throws, long throws and REALLY long throws. One thing about javelin is that it’s all about technique and having a strong core.

The throw starts off with a slight sprint and the javelin above the head. When the athlete gets closer to the end of the runway, the javelin moves down a little to the cheek and the slight sprint becomes a side shuffle. Before hitting the line, the javelin goes farther back, the athletes foot snaps down and he or she launches the javelin forward. All of this has to be done in one fluid motion and it looks like art. Click the link to see 2015’s Top 5 javelin throws:


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