March Sadness

Selection Sunday occurred this past Sunday March 13th and it brought much sadness and confusion to many people (myself included). One thing I was confused about was how long the show was on CBS. The selection show does NOT need to be two hours long, at all, but I digress.

The number 1 seeds are the Kansas Jayhawks (30- 4), number one overall, won both the regular season and conference title in the Big 12. (The Big 12 is the nation’s toughest league). University of North Carolina Tar Heels (28- 6), also won their regular season and conference titles. University of Virginia Cavaliers (26- 7) , ranked number 2 in the ACC after UNC. The last number one seed is not the Michigan State Spartans (29- 5) like we all thought, but regular season and Pac- 12 champions, the Oregon Ducks (28 -6).

I’m surprised the Spartans didn’t get in because they won the Big Ten tournament. Don’t get me wrong, its nice seeing Oregon and Virginia getting some recognition, but Michigan State deserved to be a number 1 seed. Both the Ducks and Cavaliers had legitimate seasons. The Ducks finished 10- 3 against RPI top 50 while the Cavaliers finished 9- 3. (RPI= Rating Percentage Index, used to rank sports teams based upon a team’s wins and losses and its strength of schedule).

Which brings me to my next subject, Monmouth University not getting an at large along with Saint Mary’s. It just baffles me how Tulsa and Syracuse both made the cut, but these mid- major schools didn’t. Could it be because they are mid- major and not powerhouse schools such as Syracuse and Tulsa? Not to mention, Monmouth already beat Notre Dame and USC who are the number 6 and 8 seeds in the East region respectively. Monmouth led the NCAA in road wins (13) along with road/ neutral wins (17). Syracuse has the lowest rated RPI in tournament, it’s actually the lowest one to EVER make the tournament. I’m not saying all of this to come at Syracuse or demean their team in anyway. I’m saying this for the selection committee. Not letting Monmouth in was a big smack in the face to all mid- major schools who think they have a chance of making it in without winning there conference. The NCAA says to rack up on big schools, not only did Monmouth do that, but they beat those big schools as well.

To add insult to injury, the bracket was leaked. Yes, the sacred tournament bracket was leaked to the internet about half way through the show. Everyone knew well deserved schools like Monmouth and Saint Mary’s  were not making the big dance prior to it being announced.

On a positive note, Monmouth did make the NIT tournament as the number 1 seed and will be playing Bucknell on Wednesday. At least that tournament knows a good thing when it is seen.

Feature image courtesy of Kentucky Sports Connection 


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