“We’re Ballin’ Like Its…”

Selection Sunday is slowly creeping upon us. (Selection Sunday is when the 68 men’s and women’s basketball teams are chosen for the NCAA tournaments) This very special Sunday is set to be March 13th and it will be televised. Tune into CBS at 5:30PM to see what teams make the cut and are participating in March Madness.

To some, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. It is what all college basketball teams try to reach and it is attainable for some. As of March 3rd, here are the top 10 teams in the 2016 Pomeroy College Basketball Ratings with their record:

1. Kansas (26- 4)

2. Michigan State (25- 5)

3. Virginia (23- 6)

5. Villanova (26- 4)

6. North Carolina (24- 6)

7. West Virginia (23- 7)

8. Wichita St. (23- 7)

9. Louisville (23- 7)

10. Miami FL (24- 5)

69. Monmouth (25- 6)

There was no way I was going to start my discussion on college basketball and not mention the home team, MONMOUTH HAWKS. They have been putting on a show all season, on the court and on the bench. If you have yet to hear about the Monmouth Bench, google them. They have appeared on Sports Center, ESPN, CBS, the Today Show, and many other shows. If that’s too much work, here’s a giph from giphy.com of a celebration:


But back to the top 10, the teams not listed and probably should are Duke, Kentucky, and Wisconsin. Why you ask? Duke won last year, Wisconsin was the runner up and Kentucky along with Michigan St. were the semifinalist. Michigan St. is up there at number two, while Kentucky is just outside at #11, Duke is at #16, and Wisconsin is at #27.

There is still a little over a week left until the 68 teams making it to the men’s NCAA Tournament are announced and anything can happen.

To check out the full 2016 Pomeroy College Basketball Ratings, click the link.

Feature image courtesy of the Seattle Trademark Lawyer

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