Much After the Game… SuperBowl 50 Edition (It Was a CATCH)

I know this is late, but it was on purpose, I promise. I wanted to wait until some of the hype went away as well as the Cam Newton slander. Hopefully we all caught Super Bowl 50 which was well over two weeks ago and if you did not, the Broncos won.

The Broncos did not just win, they demolished the Panthers. The final score was 24- 10. I do admit, one of the calls in the first quarter was wrong. Newton threw to Cotchery and anyone with common sense saw that it was a completed pass before Cotchery hit the ground. I guess the refs lacked common sense because they said it was incomplete. (The gif of the CATCH is below courtesy of, you judge for yourself) The Panthers head coach, Ron Rivera, even threw in the challenge flag, but the ruling on the field stood. To make matters worse, the Panthers never made it down the field after that, they found themselves in their end zone. Von Miller stripped the ball from Newton, it dropped and Malik Jackson recovered it in the end zone. The score became 10- 0, Broncos.


By halftime, the score was 13- 7, Broncos. By the end of the game, the Panthers scored only three more points with a field goal while the Broncos scored 11 more. Von Miller of the Denver Broncos ended the game with five tackles, 2.5 sacks, plus MVP which was well deserved. The Denver Broncos defense was relentless and brought the Lombardi trophy home for the team.

Feature image courtesy of Urban Christian News




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