So there’s a game during the Coldplay and Beyoncé concert?

Let’s be honest, so many people don’t watch the SuperBowl for the actual game. They watch it to see how the National Anthem is performed in the beginning. They watch it for the hilarious commercials by Doritos, Pepsi and a host of other products. They watch it for the half time show and this year Coldplay and Queen Bey will be performing. It is like the Global Citizens Festival all over again. However, there is so much more to SuperBowl 50 than those components.

First off, the Denver Broncos (12- 4) are going head to head with the Carolina Panthers (15-1). Cam Newton or Superman going up against Peyton Manning, the sheriff. Both of these quarterbacks are pretty big deals. Manning was the first pick in the 1998 draft and went to the Indianapolis Colts while Newton was the first pick in the 2011 draft and went to the Carolina Panthers. Still going with the 2011 draft, outside linebacker, Von Miller, was the number two draft pick for the Denver Broncos. This will be a game of the top draft picks.

Also for the sheriff, Peyton Manning, it might be his last game. Manning has been in the league for 18 seasons and has been putting his best foot forward. He started with the Colts, but was traded to the Broncos during the 2012 season. This season was a little tough for him because he was battling foot and rib injuries. He played in week 10, but was benched and did not return until he was listed as active for their game against San Diego. Even then he did not start, Brock Osweiler did, but in the second half Manning replaced him and has started ever since.

To sum this all up, this will be a big game, a VERY big game! It’s so much more than the commercials, Lady Gaga singing the National Anthem and Coldplay along with Beyoncé performing during half time. Greatness will be witnessed. It’s Superbowl 50.

Photo courtesy of WBTW News 13

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