AFC Championship

This football season has been full of surprises and the AFC/ NFC Championship games added to that. Starting off with the reason so many men and women were walking around upset for the past couple of days, the AFC Championships.

The AFC Championship games was Tom Brady and the New England vs. Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Two great quarterbacks going up against each other and one prevailed, Peyton Manning, winning 20- 18. Maybe I should say the Broncos defense prevailed. Yes, Manning did do his job as a quarterback, but from the first snap, the Broncos defense held it down. During their first three snaps, the Patriots were three and out or ended in punts. The Broncos defense constantly mixed up the coverages and the amount of players coming for Brady. At the end of the day, Brady was sacked about four times and hit 14 times, yes, you read that correctly. The great Tom Brady was hit 14 times. This is extremely rare and uncommon because quarterbacks are precious, expensive jewels. No one is supposed to come near them better yet hit them 14 times.

There was a moment in the fourth quarter where I thought the Patriots would make a comeback. The Patriots are known as a second half team, maybe even a fourth quarter team. That is where you see greatness. The duo Brady and Gronkowski tried to work magic. Brady and Gronk are like peanut butter and jelly, they mix really well and come in clutch at any moment. Gronk was double covered and still managed to catch Brady’s pass in the end zone making the score 20- 18. The Patriots Super Bowl dreams came to a complete halt when Broncos cornerback, Bradley Roby, picked off what was supposed to tie up the game. #DoYourJob, I think not.

Photo courtesy of the Bleacher Report


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