NFC Championship

When I think of the NFC Championship game between Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers v. Carson Palmer and the Arizona Cardinals, I automatically think of Hell’s Kitchen. Everyone has either seen an episode of Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey or at least heard about it. Let me paint the picture for you. Cam Newton […]

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AFC Championship

This football season has been full of surprises and the AFC/ NFC Championship games added to that. Starting off with the reason so many men and women were walking around upset for the past couple of days, the AFC Championships. The AFC Championship games was Tom Brady and the New England vs. Peyton Manning and the […]

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Sports For All.

This won’t be your average sports blog, that I can promise you. Why you ask? Because it won’t be geared to your average sports viewer. In this blog I will be going after those who don’t understand the regular sports talk that comes natural to many. I will do my best to break it down in a way that any and everyone will understand sports and hopefully love it in the end. Welcome to She. Sports.

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